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Getting an apartment questions

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Sn0wScrae Level 151 Windia Corsair
Hi basil. My friends and I are finishing high school in a couple of weeks and we're going to try to get an apartment this summer to live in and go to college. However we're completely clueless to the process of actually getting one. Do we need a line of credit? Do we have to put a resume together or something? I was just wondering if anyone who has gone through this process can give us some insight as to the whole process of actually getting an apartment and how it works. Thank you!
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cb000 Level 222 Bera Hero
Apartments that are geared towards students typically don't ask for credit history or have strict financial requirements, as long as you can put in the security deposit and first/last month rent. Just need to meet up with a manager when you've made your decision so that you can sign the lease.
May 16 2015
igetaroundxD Level 221 Windia Blade Master Waltz Guild
enjoy being poor[/quote]
living on campus = poorness
at my university we saved 9k/yr living off campus
and to think that some people took out loans to cover that extra 9k is beyond me, that ends up being a lot more than 9k when they graduate.
jokes on them. the whole "im doing it for the college experience" is a lie. they're doing it because its easy, convenient, and it fits right into the category of a poor person's decision making abilities.
its insane that people are still making these BAD decisions.
Good on you, live with your buddies, you're already ahead of the curve. I'd recommend getting a house though depending on the number of people. That extra saved cash can buy you a new car in 2 years, just giving you an idea of how much you're saving.

Suggestions, look on for nearby housing. Provide us the details of how many friends are committing to leasing the place for the college year. I'm guessing that you don't have a definite number because this seems "out of the ordinary" for your age, but its not, a year later most of your HS buddies will be doing the same (usually happens when everyone crunches the numbers and realizes that this is the cheapest/funnest route, and the money saved can be used for a car/better car). Contact your college, they should have some off-campus finder group. And if its more than 3 people I'd recommend just getting a house. My friends and I rented out an 8 bedroom house (greatest experience of my life) and only paid 400/mo compared to the 1375/mo that I used to pay on campus (fq me right)
May 16 2015
abi232 Level 209 Scania Dark Knight
try renting rooms in a house or finding a subletter, its cheaper, and you get utilities included
depends on where you live i suppose
May 16 2015

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