Sad Mask
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Goates- Screen

By Rowa1998

Rowa1998 Level 177 Elnido Luminous 4
Jul 16 2013 @skyenets
I was inspired to draw this after hearing/reading that recording/thread about the cons of unlimited
Used pencil, then outlined in pen for details, then transferred to paint tool SAI for background/ a bit of lighting. I recently started exploring pencil+laptop art~ took around 30 minutes total, hope it's not that bad!

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Pretty good for 30 minutes!
I don't know what's happening with her left hand/arm though.
The shirt is so wrinkly that it looks like a layer of her muscle tissue.
Jul 16 2013
Doutei Level 239 Zenith Xenon 4
i didnt know she was anorexic [/quote]

ageing at its finest.
Jul 16 2013
Cholange Level 181 Khaini Bishop
Y is this not front paged?
Jul 17 2013

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