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Guild points glitch ftw? Screen

By ViPrincess

ViPrincess Level 200 Broa Paladin
Mar 29 2011 JUST logged on after that patch/server check and look what I found??

We were originally almost at a lvl 3 guild, now we're at a lvl 0 guild and we won't be able to level up anyways XD

anyone else experiencing same problem?

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Happened in the guild I am in before. Was fixed the by the next day I logged in.
Mar 29 2011
Heh. Charisma. F1

OT: That's weird O_o
Mar 29 2011
That happen to me, I just add a person to the guild and fixed.
Mar 29 2011
ViPrincess Level 200 Broa Paladin
cause I like to disguise myself as a Hero. Who knows, maybe I attack with 1h? :O
Mar 30 2011
donlolme Level 80 Bellocan Mihile 3
Oh, you sly fox.
Mar 30 2011
I thought: RJ plays again?
Then I realized that dude isn't RJ It's annoying when people ask me if I am him, now I know how it feels lol...[/quote]

I remember its been a long time since he played
Mar 30 2011

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