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Hard lotus run Video

By xgumigna

xgumigna Level 1 Broa Blaze Wizard 1
Jun 05 2015 Had a lot of fun editing this.. lol.
Nexttime we'll get 'em!
Enjoy the fail~

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BuccOrToo Level 247 Bera Cannoneer 4
i knew this boss was gonna be stupidly impossible so i didnt even bother doing pre huehueheuhuehuehueheuhuehe
nice editing btw
Jun 06 2015
SayNo2Physics Level 221 Kradia Evan 10th Growth
Haha I still need to start on black heaven quest line -.-
Jun 07 2015
mindyobuisness Level 225 Broa Demon Slayer 4
LOL nice vid, invite me next time and lets do normal
Sep 05 2015

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