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Has anyone traveled overseas before?

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uphailure Level 171 Windia Evan 10th Growth
Traveling is awesome, you get to meet new people, immerse yourself into a different culture and society and it's just... Awesome I guess!
Well... I've only traveled to Vietnam (5 times +) but every time I go there it's an amazing experience. I'm currently in Vietnam right now and tomorrow will be the day I catch my plane and head back to the outback (Australia). I feel really sad that I have to leave because I'll miss the culture of Vietnam and my friends and family and just about everything.

Have you ever traveled? If yes then how was your experience traveling? If not then do you want to travel overseas?

I don't know why I'm making a thread, I guess I just want to hear other people's experiences with their travels so it might somehow make me feel better about leaving Vietnam. I'm probably going to come back next year anyway (not quite sure) so I really shouldn't be so sad about leaving but whutevz.
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DragonBandit Level 131 Khaini Hero
I live in the state of massachusetts. In the united states of america. I have been to dominican republic like 4 times. Its my native country. Also been to florida/new york/new jersey.
Feb 09 2012
I live in Saudi Arabia >.< as of now, you guys can ask me anything if you want. American by the way.
Feb 09 2012
hallrock Level 202 Reboot Aran 4
I've never been out of the country, but I've always wanted to. My family just didn't have the money when I was growing up. Once I graduate college, I plan on taking a long trip around Europe.
Feb 09 2012
@uphailure: I'm in the Navy, one of perks of being in is that you get to travel A LOT around the world. For me who am alone and nothing to look back to this is a huge plus
Feb 09 2012
SoggyToast Level 63 Bera Priest
I lived in Germany before for two years for my freshman and sophomore year in HS and am currently living in Bahrain

I'm from the US
Feb 09 2012
Suryoyo Level 207 Scania Bishop
never traveled went further than italy and portugal(i live in the netherlands)
Feb 09 2012
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