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Hayato Damage Range Thread

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vMinn Level 153 Scania Demon Slayer 4

Hayato Damage Range Thread

I am not sure if there is a thread like this, I apologize if there is one already.
I just wanted to know what range I need to have at certain level and compare with others.
Please provide a screenshot. (Not buffed and buffed)

I will post my screenshot when I get home after work.

I am locking the thread, if you want to post your damage range post it here

Hayato Level 100-200

@Blazetent Level 183 [url=[/url] Self Buffed 122678-153173[/url]
@D3stinyBlade Level 145 [url=] Clean 40502-50501[/url] [url=] Akatsuki Hero(MW) 47050-58685[/url]
@foreever Level 162 [url=]Clean 48232-60128[/url] [url=]Self Buffed 55857-69659[/url]
@hirrho Level 139 [url=] Clean 34621-42824[/url]
@kidd978 Level 165 [url=] Clean 88106-109912[/url] [url=]Self Buffed+Att Pot 106420-132806[/url] [url=]Self Buffed+Att Pot+Full Willow Dodge 133915-167175[/url]
@Marrolox Level 102 [url=]Clean 4310-5263[/url] [url=]Buffed 7991-9988[/url]
@Optics Level 180 [url=] Self Buffed 129893-162193 [/url] [url=]Clean 116349-145265[/url]
@RaNdOmMaTT Level 141 [url=]Clean 17556-21842[/url] [url=]Self Buffed 35026-43614[/url]
@ShiKage08 Level 183 [url=] <JMS> Clean 30662 ~ 38085[/url]
@Solace Level 159 [url=] Self Buffed 41593-51992[/url] [url=]Full Willow 53764-67204[/url] [url=]Full Willow + Summer Rain 61828-77284[/url]
@vMinn Level 128 [url=]Clean 11468-14211[/url] [url=]Self Buffed 13151-16314[/url]
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dpas Level 211 Windia Xenon 4
dam i shud have taken a ss of my range b4 i xfered back all my gear to kaiser... well anywyas rank 4 hayato in windia and rank 13in gms to bad basil wont let me add him to my players
Mar 26 2013
RaNdOmMaTT Level 202 Scania Night Lord
[url=]Clean Damage[/url]
[url=]Fully Buffed Damage[/url]
Trying to aim for 50k buffed but I'm not sure if I can find a decent cape and eye accessory with the funding that I have atm.
Mar 26 2013
Spot, will upload and update as I level!
Mar 26 2013
Hit 126k max buffed range last night. Will upload a pic when i get the chance
Mar 26 2013
I reached 5k today.
Mar 26 2013
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