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Heart cloud Screen

By vanilla

vanilla Level 160 Windia Shadower See what games, anime & art vanilla is intovanilla
Dec 25 2010 I've never really noticed the giant heart-shaped cloud in the back.. It's cute. :]

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abakre2 Level 77 Bera Wild Hunter 3
Wow I never really saw that. Is it always there?
Dec 25 2010
I never noticed that cloud. O_o
Dec 25 2010
This is Epic ! 333333

EDIT: I went to Ludi and This is REAL!
Dec 25 2010
I call fake on this. Look at the lining of that cloud and the other clouds, and the way it overlaps the one behind it. Looks like a white brush.
Dec 25 2010
Savustaja Level 168 KradiaEMS Cannoneer 4
It's not fake, I noticed it too only like 2 weeks ago. (I've played for 5 years haha)
Dec 25 2010
It feels like the screen is moving.... T~T
Dec 25 2010
Khmer Level 160 Bera Blade Master
not fake i have seen it before, noticed it only recently
Dec 25 2010

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