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Hehe finally 100... Screen

By fp0718

fp0718 Level 155 Broa Mercedes 4
Dec 27 2010 Yeah it took me over 2 years of playing on and off to get to 100
ANd this 2x event helped A LOT. Thanks to all guildies/Alliance members/Buddies for you help

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kayspace1 Level 200 Broa Xenon 4
Congratulations man! May I ask you something? : what's the exp there on 1x? And are there many ksers? Thanks!
Dec 27 2010
fp0718 Level 155 Broa Mercedes 4
Well the exp there was fantastic... At level 99 i recieved uhh 80% an hour on 1x.. but i did 2 Latanica solos and earned 820k exp so that was very helpful... I person ksed me out of my map >.> you shouls find a map 30 min before the event starts
with no 2x its empty XD
Dec 28 2010

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