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Henesys Screen

By 2Samuel

2Samuel Level 171 Khaini Shadower
Sep 19 2010 My first watercolor painting.

The base that I used to paint the landscape one was too big for my scanner, so I had to scan each half and ask my friend to paste it together. That is why there is an obnoxious black line in the middle.

Overall, a bit messy but I'm hoping to improve with practice.
Well, once I get my college applications done.

Also, it's not supposed to look [i]exactly[/i] like Henyses; it's just my interpretation of it.

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It doesn't look at all like Henesys just so you know OP. You could have at leas included a mushroom house. Just one!

Lovely painting though, I wish I could paint like that. Unfortunately traditional mediums don't like me very much, so I'll stick to digital works kthx.
Sep 20 2010
ItsHenri Level 183 Windia Night Lord
though you said it isn't supposed to look EXACTLY like henesys....i don't think it looks like anything related to henesys at all...nor does it look like anything to do with maple, where's the mushroom houses at least? just some random irl scenery =__="

PAINTING WISE....really nice job dunno about the flowers but yeh, awesome
Sep 20 2010
ZeroLich Level 144 Khaini Wild Hunter 4
I agree dont see any relation to heneys, but it is still a wonderfull painting and I am very pleased to have to opratunity to see this ^^
Sep 20 2010
Raevnir Level 129 Windia Bow Master
I actually like Henesys now, never thought I would.
Sep 20 2010

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