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Holygiraffe 100 subs q&a, and 10k nx giveaway winner! Video

By natty2

natty2 Level 225 Broa Bishop Nimbus Guild See what games, anime & art natty2 is intonatty2
Feb 05 2014 Thanks for suuporting me, everyone, I can't thank you enough.
I'll link here some of the channels that matter for my video:

Winged Soul Channel:
Winged Soul Video: Raindrop Flower:
10k NX winner: SubConfusion1, his channel:
ZeroByDivide channel:
I don't really know how he's related, but I figured, I know him, and I talked about him in my vid, so WTH.

If you asked a question, and I didn't answer - either it was already asked, or you asked AFTER I made this video... so you're gona have to wait until my next Q&A and Giveaway vid. I also told you - TRY TO BE ORIGINAL, I had like 7 people ask me how many cubes I used, or how much money I wasted, or how do I make mesos.

Wanna go for dry, boring ones? go ahead, but don't blame me for not wanting to answer the same thing a thousand times.

I am sorry if at some parts I sound bad, because I used 2 microphones, a good one, and a bad one... I used the bad one after my good one was destroyed by my pet Dog-gorilla... shame.

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