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How NOT to get hacked

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This is basically going out to all the numb nuts posting hundreds of threads saying 'i gotz hakedz' or ' compensation suck'. This is what you are doing wrong, your are using the website to login into the game. Now I know alot of you say you can't login any other way, wrong you can by following my 'login safe way for dummies' and here is how it's done.
  1. Go to your maplestory folder which is in your C drive
  2. Double click into the folder and find gamelauncher
  3. Make a short cut to your desktop
  4. Right click that and go to properties
  5. Look through the tabs and you should see some where at the bottom saying 'always open with administrator
  6. Click that box and save that setting
  7. Now play the game and stop with those annoying threads

If you do surveys for nx you are leaving yourself open to being hacked so don't do that either.
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Yes, the hackers have some how managed to get through nexons weak defense and places a key logger onto the webs site so they see what your stuff is. Then they use a pic bypass and wola your hacked
Oct 24 2011
If you just double click the desk top short cut you will receive an error so you have to run as admin and all is good
Oct 24 2011
running as admin doesnt have anything to do with , preventing getting hacked. it makes you run maplestory from game launcher ..
Oct 24 2011
That's just what I said?....
Oct 24 2011
InBrunei Level 38 Bera Jett 2
I think there was a database leak, and it's still ongoing. If it is true, there can never be a stop to hackings, and no type of password changing or anti virus is gonna stop that.
For now, you should also not verify your account with facebook.
This could be a repeat of the event of the MapleSEA mass hacking. But this time it's not China hackers (hopefully)
Oct 24 2011
Data base leak was sealed up donkeys ago. That has nothing to do with it, it's just the website for a couple months and you'll be fine
Oct 24 2011

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