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How are Battle Mages?

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Voidam Level 126 Scania Evan 9th Growth
I've seen mixed opinions about them, some say they are very strong and are very good at bossing, some say they are average, some say they are bad. I can't seem to make a verdict about them.
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I'm still mad that Battle King Bar now has a cooldown >.< >.< >.< >.< >.< >.< >.<
Jul 01 2015
Flamepc Level 210 Broa Zero Transcendent
They've never been the class to outshine others especially in their own group. They're that normal kid you'd see here and there, but few people ever talk to him. Everyone is okay with him, no one really hates him, but secretly he kind of hates himself.

Before I begin, I'm not a diehard BaM main, but during the time I adored the class - when it released - to now, I've held my fair share of opinions.

BaMs are byfar the most average class I've ever played. Their shining moment was pre-vamp when BKB had no cooldown. Their playstyle is repetitive and tedious for some, but there are others who make the most of it and call it fun. It needs clutch control for ease when telecasting in order to maximize DPS. Their highlight would be their weakness and it's their one-skill-to-do-all. Having it all 4 jobs, the class takes linear progression seriously and encourages mixing up other skills and auras to change the pace.

Funding wise, it's not the easiest. 100k range is barely hitting 500k lines while other classes hit twice that and most often with more lines. I find 200k to be a comforting stopping point for casuals as it means the class is hitting 1m lines.

Their training involves herd work, which means bringibg mobs to a clump and killing them, repeatedly. Unlike most classes, BaM isn't just see and kill.
Bossing for me was a pain as I found using all auras at once to be the ideal as I want that drain, that damage, that speed, that debuff on the boss, and that auto All Cure all at once. Sadly, I'm limited to one per given boss moment. The problem there is that switching auras has a delay so I'm better off keeping Dark on. As i stated earlier about DPS, BaMs have to telecast so they can summon reaper regularly in short intervals. I found telecasting like those you see in videos to be impossible so I end up chumming my way through.

Overall, the class is not the Holy Grail. It does perfectly fine for itself and it requires patience, serious patience. It doesn't attract attention to itself so I personally find playing it a chore at times. Not enough appeal.

Hopefully you can get something from my perspective as a casual BaM player.
Jul 01 2015
Flya Level 250 Bera Blaze Wizard 1 EvoLovE Guild
They are capable of killing every boss in the game (aside Hard Lotus). They require tele casting which involves teleporting up/sideways to deal the most damage. So if youre a player that wants to spam one skill they wouldnt be your best choice. In terms of against other classes there bossing capabilities are slightly above average.
Jul 01 2015
tho867 Level 216 Bera Battle Mage 4 EvoLovE Guild
I'd say they are pretty average.
They combo which makes them more of a melee class. And their mobility makes up for their close range.
Bossing wise I say is slightly above average given their unique teleport and party shield.
Jul 01 2015
Predetermined Level 150 Scania Hayato 4
They're good, but their close range KILLS me, & the delay on dark chain kills me. Makes it difficult to play tbh.
Jul 01 2015
Voidam Level 126 Scania Evan 9th Growth
They're good, but their close range KILLS me, & the delay on dark chain kills me. Makes it difficult to play tbh.[/quote]

why u actin like theyre the only close range class in the game
Jul 02 2015
VivaBasura Level 239 Demethos Battle Mage 4 See what games, anime & art VivaBasura is intoBasura
why u actin like theyre the only close range class in the game[/quote]
if u watched some bam bossing videos ud realize we are not close ranged like others but we have to literally stay inside enemy's hitbox loll

Everything they said is true, and I'm a diehard BaM main. 200k range only makes me hit 1mils. AND we are getting quite nerfed in 6months for zero reason.[/quote]
we dont hit great numbers because we do many hits + our range is easier to raise than many others really, theres classes who struggle getting 1m clean range with 50b ive been there with half of that funding
Jul 04 2015

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