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How can you possibly like Obama?

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qtip97 Level 60 Windia Brawler
What has he done that's benefited us in the past 4 years? Let's see, he's welcomed every illegal immigrant who's stepped foot in our country. He's raised the debt by $5 trillion and counting. He is talking with russia on how he'll be "more flexible" after "HIS" election. Oh but he's black. So for that let's reelect him instead of giving a successful businessman a chance
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RiriArchMage Level 156 Khaini Kaiser 4
You realize Romney is losing a lot of money to this campaign? He's invested so much in it...
All he gets back is a few hundred thousand dollars back every year.[/quote]

Yes i know that. He's gonna get even more richer when he becomes president because the middle class tax will be basically the same taxes as the higher class, so i guess he doesn't care he lost a lot of money publishing Ad's during this campaign, all he cares about is to get more money from everyone.
Nov 07 2012
Elleee Level 201 Windia Evan 10th Growth
LOL nice job "you're 15 you dont know wtf your talking bout you joke"
1. im not 15
2. NBC is the most liberally biased media group. LMAO "thats what I heard on NBC" do you know how many lies they spin up? they completely bend the truth. not that fox doesnt do that but I dont watch fox because im aware that its biased. practice what you preach you liberal scum[/quote]

Shut up, you're 15 get over yourself.
Nov 07 2012
Wow, basilers seem to know so much about politics, y'all should just take over the white house[/quote]

Nov 07 2012
DrHye Level 90 Windia Marauder
This is like, the best pun you could ever make. Well done.[/quote]

... There was a pun in that? lol
Nov 07 2012
Romney will force me to keep my rapist's baby. How about that?[/quote]

Do you have down syndrome? Watch the VP debate
Nov 07 2012
DistantSky Level 205 Khaini Marksman See what games, anime & art DistantSky is intoDistantSky
lol, i wonder what would happen if I post on this thread
Nov 11 2012
basically it's whether you're more liberal or conservative...and even the real conservatives hate romney but they hate him less than obama.
Nov 11 2012
Kid24 Level 86 Khaini Night Walker 3
Just the fact that you said he raised the debt by $5 trillion shows how much research you have even done....... that's such a lie
Nov 11 2012
AznYoungGun24 Level 202 Scania Demon Slayer 4
I like Obama for he's cooler than me..
Nov 11 2012
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