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How do I launch Maplestory after this recent sc/patch?

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increveisuma Level 120 Bera Demon Avenger 1
I don't want to ruin my laptop by not being able to download and run Maplestory on my laptop again since it won't even work when I restored my last laptop to factory settings. So how do I get the game to login rather than crash after the login page and movie intro? Can someone tell me very plainly and simply how I can get the game to run? Write down all the steps explicitly please.
Posted: November 2016 Permalink


fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
@hualicious I used to just delete all the movie (avi) files cause they're a waste of time
Does that still work?
Nov 14 2016
pallapalla Level 225 Demethos Bishop
@fradddd: I used to delete that file completely, but whenever nexon put up a new one my patcher would give me an error because a file it needed to change was missing. So now i just put it in another folder.
Nov 14 2016
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
@pallapalla like another folder within the "application" folder within the "maplestory" folder?
Nov 15 2016
hualicious Level 209 Scania Night Lord See what games, anime & art hualicious is intoHualicious
@fradddd: Never delete it, a new major patch will get an error since it cannot locate the video file. So it's recommend just to move it or to rename it so you always have the file.

If you rename it, remember the original name. I added 'No_' infront of the file name so it's called 'No_Opening.avi' right now.

I don't think about it much, so I often patch the game with success. I only had one time it gave me an error, then I just renamed it back to original and I could patch. That's why I think the mini patches don't require that video file.

If people did delete them, they will have to redownload the whole game client or ask someone to send the Opening.avi file, it's only 14,4 MB compared to full game of 8-9 GB.

Edit: You can move the file to any location as long it's outside the original location (folder) or keep it in there and just rename it.
Nov 15 2016

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