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How do I use nexon live chat?

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outfoxed Level 201 Scania Angelic Buster 4
I was wrongfully banned and want to complain in person.

Whenever I clck the window that says live assistance operators are online it opens up a new window and basically clicks my tickets for me.
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I think most maplers also got banned for no reason too, either way good luck.
Sep 04 2013
outfoxed Level 201 Scania Angelic Buster 4
you can't appeal bans on live chat[/quote]
how do i use live chat anyways (should i need to in the future)
Sep 04 2013
yoguy911 Level 195 Broa Blade Master
i keep getting redirected back to support page when i click it...
Sep 04 2013
trigger123 Level 153 Windia Battle Mage 3
you can get there by first logging in the maple/nexon main site, then click "Get Support" top bar.
Click "Contact us" and you should see a "Live assistance" button on the home page.
Sep 04 2013
Tampons Level 210 Elnido Evan 10th Growth
you need to dress nicely to live chat them
Sep 04 2013
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