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How is Charles Darwin more successful than Isaac Newton?

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dontran18 Level 98 Bellocan Cannoneer 1
So im doing my world history project, and i need to decide which scientist was more successful, Charles Darwin or Isaac Newton. Thing is, when i googled it, there wasn't much info about who was more successful. The only thing I could come up with is that Darwin's theory of evolution is more well known than Newton's laws of motion.
Help please and thank you
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Valky Level 204 Scania Demon Slayer 4
i like the social darwinism part:
the smart and common sense survive, and the dumb get wrecked
May 16 2013
arkrana Level 200 Windia Shadower
They're in different fields of study so that's sort of difficult.
Think about how people reacted to their discoveries and how well people accepted them. Darwin's theory contradicted a lot of what people had believed at the time vs Newton and how his work was received.
May 16 2013
Yeah what they discovered was really different. Isaac Newton everyone knows discovered pretty much how gravity/motion/etc works and pretty much started what is most of calculus too.

Charles Darwin by publishing his book about evolution basically proved that the idea some magical wizard in the sky made us (which is something religious fanatics still believe for some reason) was false.
May 16 2013
From what I know, I think Darwin's theory of evolution is more well known as there was (still is?), a big argument between the theory of Evolution and the church's beliefs of Adam and Eve.
May 16 2013
Smillymage1 Level 182 Broa Hero
Darwin existed in modern times when people actually made money for their discoveries... not persecuted by the church for challenging the "Ideas" of god
May 16 2013
yomamma1134 Level 10 Scania Citizen
Both can be very good topics to talk about. But i do feel the need to say this as it may change your perspective on choosing your topic.

My biology professor once said (halfway joking) along the lines of "People in the field of Psychology have it easy, they just make stuff up. Scientist are the ones that actually do the work." He basically meant that the people in the psychology field can just make theories while scientist are the ones that prove and do the work to give an answer.

I mean it is KIND of true. I took both psychology and biology and while the theories for psychology are very plausible, there are many variables that can affect the result. Scientist's go through numerous tests and exclude all the variables to give a statement. Btw I do not mean to praise the science field and nor am i talking down to the psychology field.

Either way, go with what you feel you can write the most about and what your most comfortable with. If you need any info on Darwin then let me know.
May 16 2013
You could try to research consequences of both scientists' work on religion and the church and argue about which scientist had bigger impact on religion (hint: the catholic church now officially accepts the theory of evolution). Then you can say because this scientist was able to revolutionize thinking in the world, he therefore achieved greater success, blah blah blah, etc, etc <insert other random BS that makes your crap sound even more magnificent>. Hell, why am I even helping you with this?

As a science student, I really hate the humanities, you have to make up a lot of BS and argue about random crap no one cares about.

P.S. if you're gonna write a school paper, you better use peer reviewed scholarly sources (google doesn't count as one) and proper citations with proper formatting (MLA, chicago, whatever).
May 16 2013
scorpio989 Level 133 Renegades Kaiser 4
Charles Darwin made his discoveries in a time were science was looked down upon by most people. He shook society with his findings, and was probably the first scientist to make a large portion of the public support reason rather than faith.
May 16 2013
it's completely up to speculation. if it was up to me id do it on darwin, because his concepts are more simple and straightforward .in any case, i believe darwin is more well known because his evolution stuff was highly controversial with religion and stuff
May 16 2013
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