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How many Mesos would it take

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To reasonably fund a Permabeginner.. Currently I have around 10b in Mesos and assets.

Edit: What kind of equips / stats should I be looking for other than ATT?
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halofreak Level 230 Khaini Beast Tamer Cat
Full Gollux set, specs/mask, SW tatoo, godly ski skis, etc, etc
Apr 18 2016
lithemovement Level 176 Bellocan Night Lord
0 mesos.

Reasonable funding for a perma-beginner is 0 mesos.
Apr 18 2016
rokani Level 216 Bera Aran 4
Strong Familiars, Mag soul weapon, and anything that is high level that you can equip... GL
Apr 18 2016

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