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How teachers can use Instagram

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Instagram is useful for schools to promote and market themselves, but it's also helpful for teachers to better communicate with students. Teachers should add Instagram to their social media classroom mix. They can use Instagram to complement fun assignments and school projects. Teacher and education blogger Hannah Hudson recently posted her 10 favorite ways to use instagram video download from with her students. Some of the most interesting include:

Showcase students' work. Snap pictures of students' artwork and other special projects to share on a private Instagram account only accessible to families and others in your school community.
Feature a student of the week. Invite students to alternate "taking over" your classroom Instagram account and sharing photos from their daily lives. Then have the featured student share his or her photos with the class.
Share reading recommendations.Invite students to snap photos of their favorite books and then browse the photos in your feed for more ideas on what to read.
Go on an ABC scavenger hunt.Challenge kids to find print in the world around them--on signs, packaging and in the mail.

Document student progress. Snap photos of student's writing at the beginning and end of the year. Order inexpensive prints from sites such to show students how far they have come!

Social media is always changing, but it's worth making the effort to keep up. Social media is one of the most powerful ways to communicate with your students, teachers, parents, and surrounding community. Instagram is where your students are and it's one of the most effective places to reach them.
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And this post is related to Maple how ? Interesting post, but wrong place to post it.
Jun 16 2020

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