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How to fund a Mercedes?

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puregenius Level 120 Galicia Mercedes 4
How much would I need?

And is 3.5bil a good deal for a raccoon mask with +12% dex
Posted: January 2015 Permalink


diosoth Level 210 Bellocan Aran 4
It's probably not necessary until you get to 4th job as Mercedes is a bit overpowered with that built in EXP bonus. You just need basic equipment and healing items. It's probably one of the faster classes I've played.
Jan 03 2015
hongfung Level 232 Galicia Mercedes 4
Depends what kind of gear you are aiming for. cRA bowmen is pretty cheap. You could probably get the full set for mercs for under 1b.
And I wouldn't buy a raccoon mask. I would go with sweet-h2o for the higher potential %. Plus you can scroll sw for att too. Got mine to 20.
Jan 03 2015
Xiscis Level 120 Zenith Phantom 4
You can buy a ticket to thailand for 854$, and have your kidneys removed.
One kidney is worth 240k$, that is half of what you need to fund merc
Jan 03 2015

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