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ori1908 Level 183 Bera Night Walker 4
Ok i have NW lvl 184 in Bera i have solid gollux ring 8% LUK Solid gollux pendant and belt both 10 star force a claw not fafnir with 7% attack and 149 weapon attack (the only fafnir the increase my stats worth around 4-5B and i have Superior pend gollux clean that decrease my stats and enough gollux coins for superior ring and nova cape wich is low... and 600m mesos Now what is better for me to do: 1) Sell the superior pend and the superior ring and buy tyrant
2)Sell the superior pend and the superior ring and buy Fafnir claw
3) Upgrade my self the superior pend and ring and equip them (wich scrolls? Or spell traces?)
Posted: January 2017 Permalink


volpi Level 215 Renegades Blade Master
The point of the fafnir and CRA set is the set bonus.. ._. it gives tons of boss damage and stats. That's the reason why youre not seeing much stat gain from a faf claw. Keep the pendant, keep the ring.. just scroll them and work on getting the 4 set bonus. Gollux is another set effect that gets better as you collect them. You basically wanna to collect Solid/Rein/Super gollux rings, then Super Earrings and Pendants. Don't worry about Tyrants yet. It's a little early for you so can focus on more important stuff like CRA and Gollux. Also do not use traces on your Superior equips, just use the scrolls sold in the shop.
Jan 26 2017
ori1908 Level 183 Bera Night Walker 4
@volpi: But if i keep the sup ring and pend and buy scroll (or not) I wont have mesos for Fafnir, only if i buy him clean and Why not spell trace the superior equips? Can i spell trace the reinforced ring? And wich scrolls should i buy for the superior equips
Jan 26 2017

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