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How to reach level 30 AND make ~20-25m in 2 hours.

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Well, not exactly, but close enough.


120 Cat spittle
120 Frog Egg
240 Blue Mush Cap
240 Horny Mush Cap
240 Curse Eye Tail
240 Evil Eye Tail
Patience and keyboard skills

The plan

  1. Get your char off maple island/ereve after finishing all the quests. 
  2. Obtain all of the preparation section.
  3. Get to a town with malady
  4. Start by converting all your spittle and eggs into wines and dishes(first two choices) Keep in mind that you should always choose the second choice when malady asks how you want your food made. 300exp x 240= 72000 exp 
  5. then convert the wines and the dish of food into the third and fourth choices down the make menu. Again, choose the second option when malady asks how you want it made. 1000exp x 240 = 240000 exp. 
  6. Now, convert all your #3 and #4 into witch brews (40 att pots) , you should get 40 of those. Remember, choose the second choice for the way for making it. 5000exp x 40=200000 exp.


Use NPC chat and arrow buttons to convert easier
Put your NPC chat on Y so you dont have to alternate between three keys. 
Go to an obscure town (perion?) and a low-populated channel to avoid nerbs calling you a hacker.
If you lag, your time will be significantly increased.

Happy mapling


Edit: Sorry for being so vague, but I dont remeber what the food things were called.
Also, if you dont lag at all, you might take half an hour less.
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add on: using npc chat works wonders. press it 5 times, use arrow keys. select, npc chat. made one already
Nov 04 2009
Theres flaw because hunting that many etc items will take longer then 2hours. Buying the items will cost about 10-20mil. Not to mention finding them in fm takes long too.
Nov 04 2009
nice but one problem doesnt the time or the cost of the cat spittles + frog eggs surpass the time saved or meso made ?[/quote]

personally, I'm in dementhos and there's NOBODY around. If i just visit a random town, there's guaranteed at least 4-8 channels with a cat or a frog (especially ereve which sometimes has 4 at the same time). AND I'm a NW so i can just poison them after they transform. egg and spittle gathering is easy. it's the etc items that take a while for me
Nov 04 2009
babu112 Level 209 Scania Bow Master
How do you get, spittle and egg?[/quote]

frogs and cats in town
Nov 04 2009
Good tip

But... how is Perion an obscure town? Its the mighty warrior town!
An obscure town is... i dont know, Omega Sector or KFT
Nov 04 2009
Ace987 Level 120 Broa Dawn Warrior 3
You forgot to mention that you need to already have a high level character in order to collect the spittle and eggs. I would take a level 10-30 guy 2 hours just to kill one of those things.
Nov 04 2009
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