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How was x2

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kinghext Level 207 Windia Hero
How did u spend x2
i went from 1-94 (x2 cash exp, x2 legion, x2 event, not burning) on sniper in 56 minutes
did 1-145 Paladin in 1 hour (Burning x2 legeon, x1.15 mercedes, x2 cash, x2 event)
i do Gold beach 10-46
Drakes 46-77
sand rats and dark dwarves 77-100
Zakum 100-121
capt and kru 121-145
and got from 206-207
what did u guys do
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gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
lol, i feel lazy. Just got my Ark from 160-164 doing Commerci and ToT. I didnt play fulltime though. My new puppy needs some attention too
Aug 05 2018
deeemon Level 211 Scania Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art deeemon is intoDeeMon
Laggy as frick.
Reboot Mercedes from 130 to 150.
Reboot Burning Cadena from 1 to 151.

Reboot still has some of the crappiest players of all time. Then again, doing anything on Reboot isn't that great of an achievement because it's on very easy mode. We all know why Reboot players act like Donkey Bit Chasses, it's because they're angry. Angry because of nexon? No, angry because they're poor irl. Look at all these fools abusing Kanna because it has a skill that increases spawn rate. Soon enough, that skill will be deleted and every Reboot player will rage about being oh so poor again and wasting more time than usual farming for mesos. All those botters are just trying to get nexon's attention to delete Kishin, they're not doing it to make progress in Reboot. It's time y'all stop being so spoiled. Oh but you know, nexon America is too lazy to do anything about it, so it's totally fine.

391 more levels for Heroic Legion Rank II in Reboot, because needed for unlocking the whole grid. I ain't going for Legendary Legion Rank I again, frig that, I already did that in Scamia. Can't get enough of that crit rate though. Sure glad that Quick Draw stance bonus glitch still works, after nexon nerfed the holy hell out of Hitokiri Strike - Cooldown Cutter. Frick you, nexon. I have to rely on a glitch to keep my crit rate at 100% without needing to use Hitokiri Strike ever again because that skill absolutely sucks now. nexon can't fix anything anyway.

I probably could have done more in Reboot, but was too busy playing Nintendo Switch. That little thing is amazing, dood.
Aug 05 2018
capnmurica Level 33 Bera Cleric
Gone are the days when leveling was an accomplishment.
Aug 05 2018
ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
I got to 240 on my Cannoneer, but I was already 239 with like 77% so it didn't take that long. I had work halfway through the 2nd one and couldn't work up the motivation for the 3rd. Still, not a bad way to spend 2x!
Aug 05 2018
gmat740 Level 202 Broa Dawn Warrior 4
Played the full 3 hours from 2pm - 5pm, then again from 10pm - 1am....

Got a Mihile to 150 (actually not as bad as people make it sound)
Got a Cannoneer to 120

Both brand new chars
Aug 05 2018

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