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I/L vs Bishop post-reboot?

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voidwreck Level 136 Windia Aran 4
Who will be the better bosser after the Reboot update? I'm planning on making an I/L, but then I went to ayumilove's Bishop page and saw all these cool skills that greatly boost their damage and reduces the damage taken from monsters. So I'm kinda leaning more towards Bishop now. However, I like the concept of electricity over holy bright lights. I just want to know who will be better at bossing. I won't even ask about mobbing because I think I/L easily takes the cake with Chain Lightning, but correct me if I'm wrong.

I also heard that Bishops get boring quite easily, while I/L mages remain fun. I would like some personal opinions on this as well.
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coolflip678 Level 200 Khaini I/L Arch Mage
I/L easily. We get one extra line. Chain lightning will hit 9 lines now. Hopefully Nexon doesn't change their minds
Nov 30 2015
lllllllllllllil Level 224 Scania F/P Arch Mage
It depends on your range or int. If you are mid game ice mage is better if you are end game meaning you can cap with angel ray bishop is. If you cannot cap with angel ray and are hitting 40m lines even ice mage is superior.
Nov 30 2015
taotapp Level 161 Windia Shadower
+1 Now that others have talked about raw stat differences, let's discuss actual playing differences.

From an offensive perspective, no matter which class you pick, you're basically doing the same thing. There's a thread in the I/L subforum right now about how to boss as an archmage, and all the responses are just "use the orb then spam chain lightning."

Like, come on. That's basically two skills. Eventually you're gonna get bored of that.

Bishops aren't any better in the boredom department, so don't get me wrong. It's a problem with the game, not with any one class. Every class is far too homogenized. Both classes have that one horizontal moving skill that does a lot of damage and hits multiple targets. Both classes have skills to cast in between that horizontal skill to further boost output, whether it's an orb or a series of buffs. Even in third job, both classes have that AoE skill that hits a wide range and does respectable damage. Are there stat differences? Sure. Does it feel like that makes a difference? Not for me it didn't. You're literally doing the same thing, so you might as well pick the one that matches your favorite color, since you'll be seeing it a lot.

If you make a bishop, obviously you're more likely to be invited along for things. There's no end of people playing the hard-hitting classes with flashy animations, but there are only, like, ten people who still find enjoyment in being brought along to cast a couple of buffs every three to five minutes. You could attack alongside your friends, like with that one skill that heals your party members as it attacks, but somehow I doubt they'd take you primarily for your damage unless you bothered funding yourself enough to hit max, or if things have REALLY REALLY changed recently in terms of how people view support classes. If you were an I/L mage on the other hand, you would have to constantly compete with other DPS players in terms of your output, since that's one of the primary reasons you would be brought along and the main way you'd contribute to the group's success. People act like that kind of thing doesn't matter, but when a Kanna comes along and your group's full and the leader has to kick someone to add the kanna for whatever stupid buff they give that everyone wets themselves over, they're not gonna kick the bishop, even if he's decked out in a beginner's wand. They're gonna kick whichever DPS is doing the least damage, to minimize the party's overall loss and maximize its gains. tldr when I played my bishop I enjoyed not having to go crazy over cubes and still getting to positively contribute to the things my friends thought were fun. As an I/L I just feel this immense pressure to max out my stuff so I can contribute as much as possible to the run's success with my damage since that's my primary way of contributing. That being said, they both feel like the same goddamned class when I solo with them, which is so sad I don't even have words for it. Nexon changes things so drastically that it's hardly worth playing a class for its traits anyway. Yellow or blue.
Dec 07 2015
roderick3 Level 200 Reboot Battle Mage 4
@taotapp: Thank you for this.. T_T
Dec 07 2015

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