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I need 3ds game recomendations

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GreenPen Level 200 Bellocan Dark Knight
Are there any good must get games that came out or is coming out this year?
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Castrius Level 202 Renegades Zero Transcendent
pokemon x and y, and thats about it.
Apr 28 2014
antster297 Level 180 Scania Corsair
most nintendo titles are amazing. my favorite is fire emblem. ssb4 3ds also looks amazing
Apr 28 2014
LoneSwordsman Level 211 Elnido Blade Master
I recommend Shin Megami Tensei IV
Kid Icarus Uprising is good too.
Apr 28 2014
LuckyNinja Level 129 Windia Zero Transcendent
Pokemon x/y (Super amazing. You can walk diagonally, sit down, have roller skates..Its just too much fun)
Mario Kart 7 (Borrowed, but super fun. Even better with friends)
Animal Crossing New Leaf (Never played, heard it was fun from friend)
Fire Emblem (Never played, heard it was good. If you like strategy games that is)
Legend of Zelda Link Between Worlds (Brother loves this game. Sadly he doesn't have a 3ds nor money)

I sadly just took someone else's list and put some of my opinions.
Apr 29 2014
AllConditions Level 151 Windia Night Lord
X/Y is a staple, not to mention at least a few more inevitable unannounced Pokemon titles to come in the near future

Animal Crossing New Leaf is great fun, always something fun to look forward to each day and gives you reason to keep up to date rather than to forget about it

Fire Emblem, if you're a fan of strategy

Ocarina of Time, if you have or haven't played it already; either way, great fun for nostalgia or for your first time as well

Mario Kart if you have friends with it

Kid Icarus is pretty cool if you like some adventure

Smash Bros is coming out soon, though its not as good as it's Wii U version - still a good game doe

Luigi's Mansion is awesome, puzzle game

You gotta be a real nintendo fan if you want to get a 3DS - a lot of people really play on this console cause a) Pokemon, duh and b) nostalgia/favorite characters incorporated into new games
Apr 29 2014
2005chuy Level 192 Scania Mercedes 4 See what games, anime & art 2005chuy is into2005chuy
Check out Conception II, there's a trial in the Nintendo eShop.
If you played/like the original Yoshi's Island, you should get Yoshi's New Island. I bought it a few days ago, it's pretty fun.
Apr 29 2014
FruityCake Level 141 Chaos Night Lord
I prioritized Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, Professor Layton, and FF Theatrhythm.
Theatrhythm is a rhythm game, which you might not be into. Professor Layton is a puzzle game which was really fun for me.
Fire Emblem is a really fun strategy RPG, and has a really good storyline and gameplay. After you finish the game, you can keep training characters or challenging yourself with DLCs.
Kingdom Hearts 3D is REALLY underrated. I don't expect games like these to be really popular, but no one that I know has a 3DS plays it, or even has considered playing it. The action gameplay is very fun and the abilities and storyline are amazing.
Other games I've considered, but not bought yet or haven't been released, are Super Smash Bros, Kirby Triple Deluxe, Bravely Default (basically has Final Fantasy gameplay, with an extra battle system), and Legend of Zelda.
Apr 29 2014
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