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I need colleagues for a video game start-up firm

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increveisuma Level 120 Bera Demon Avenger 1
The mmorg I am working on and have written details I would add for is written down in a paper journal. It centers around the picayune, or American English for small coin, like the aphrodisaitic effect found in mmorg's like Maplestory, and the paladin in the game will be named Paladin in it's original Castelleno wording. A quest in the game could be like, ormolu(liquid gold leaf ink) refining from other players' harvested crude gold bits. And Rhingrave could be the authentic term for German, etc... so that the real world could be what the game depicts historically pretty articulately. Isinglass in English means Italianische, etc... Obviously I am being serious about game designing here, since handdrawn 2-d backgrounds would be a very easy business tech scheme to commit to as a video game designer underling. Like maplestory's vultures that dropped lvl 130 capes in the Lion King Castle, this game I am imagining on paper would have some eagle-type monsters that drop essence of aquiline(Eng. for the cheek skull shape on eagle animals, and also, he crude gold for the ormolu would be possibly just dropped, like drake dragon leathers, directly from monster drops. It is very feasible only because it would be a passive way to teach high school students college words without them being made on the inside to feel as if it were an actually lame educational-marketed game. So if you are interested in working with me on at least a written-down on paper game development, then e-mail me at LieuKim93 at, and please don't spam me. P.S. My idea here is that the picayune is what I studied from the meso in Maplestory being able to somehow mentally appease the game players to not mind their being actually poor.
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windowlegs Level 142 Kradia Buccaneer
game name is already taken fam. nice try though fam alama
Nov 19 2016
greatbolshy Level 210 Bera Blade Master
just make a gofundme like every other vidya game startup then cash out and peace out without making the game
Nov 21 2016

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