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I need help finding non subbed anime

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datruotaku Level 72 Scania Chief Bandit
Anyone know any good torrent sites to download anime? I am trying to make an AMV but a particular episode I am looking for is One Piece episode 483 which is ace's death. Welp?
Posted: December 2015 Permalink


holybloodly Level 205 Scania Dark Knight
Nyaa. Just search under raw.
Dec 31 2015
datruotaku Level 72 Scania Chief Bandit
Sadly it cannot be found on what I am looking for.
Dec 31 2015
holybloodly Level 205 Scania Dark Knight
I see four raw episodes of 483. It took 5 seconds maybe to find it?
Dec 31 2015
hatespirit Level 148 Broa F/P Arch Mage
You can turn off the subtitles if they're soft encode. Look for .mkv files
Jan 07 2016
fluxxxxx Level 203 Kradia Zero Transcendent
@hatespirit: The problem is that almost no video editing software that support MKVs when importing media. You have to convert them, which is a pain more often than not.
But yeah OP, if you can't find any other video format, conversion through something like VLC is the way to go.
Jan 07 2016
bustermode1 Level 207 Bera Zero Transcendent
just use crunchyroll and right click the video to set it to no subtitles
Jan 08 2016

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