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I039m double the age from when I first joined here

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zombieoverlord Level 85 Scania White Knight
I think I'll go have my existential crisis now.
Posted: April 2018 Permalink


sunshine443 Level 56 Yellonde Assassin
Yeah, but this site has been dead for years tbh, so don't worry. A lot of your time has been spent without giving basil a second thought. It feels quicker because there are only a few years of basil memories: the rest blend together.
Apr 26 2018
chema Level 69 Windia Priest See what games, anime & art chema is intoChema
Aint you too old for this kind of shït?
Apr 26 2018
kikomarine Level 101 Scania Chief Bandit
lol watch anime.
May 04 2018
ropro Level 108 Windia I/L Mage
I think the same can be said for me, even more so about the game itself.
In fact, when I started playing MapleStory, I could barely communicate with others. I spoke in barely-coherent sentences and my vocabulary was quite limited.
I guess this game can either serve to show me how much I've grown, or to show me how much time I've spent on this game. I'll focus on the former, and I hope doing the same will help you cope with that existential crisis you're facing right now.
May 09 2018

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