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If All MapleStory Classes Were Put In The Hunger Games

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ShadeCaro Level 207 Khaini Buccaneer
Who would win? Every class, as listed below.

Hero, Paladin, Dark Knight, Bishop, I/L, F/P, Bowmaster, Marksmen, Night Lord, Shadower, Dual Blader, Buccaneer, Corsair, Cannoner, Aran, Evan, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous, Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, Demon Slayer, Mechanic, And Jett.

Cygnus Knights don't count.

Hint: Consider the Cornucopia. Who could run out the fastest and get weapons and supplies?

Hint 2: Consider the skills they have beforehand without weapons. Flash Jump, for example.

The Cornucopia: Weapons, Armor and Potions are supplied. Armor being in the back of the cone, Potions being in front and Weapons being in the middle. Every class, majority wise, has a way to sprint / jump their fast. The thing is, who can fire the fastest and pick off the most people?

Rule for Phantom: He must get his cards to attack and he must be able to identify and scan an Explorer or Class for 10 seconds to steal whatever skill. So if he lives the Cornucopia, have fun with that.

Angelic Buster is not included, using all of GMS classes besides Luminous.
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TheRealAres Level 167 Scania Blade Recruit
wild hunter cause they can use their jaguar to hunt other things then eat it nom nom yummy ^.^
Aug 14 2012
ShadeCaro Level 207 Khaini Buccaneer
so like you mean PvP?

PvP + Mobility + Healing Abilities + Different Cases of Status Conditions.
Aug 14 2012
Jqp98 Level 94 Renegades Thunder Breaker 3
Kaiser or Angelic Burster
Aug 14 2012
Buccaneer's, just beacause of Super Saiyan
Also Mp recovery and Drain (Pre-Revamp).
Aug 14 2012
gameravenged Level 35 Scania Cleric
id say Dual Blades o-o crazy avoid and accuracy o..o
Aug 14 2012
Maybe it would depend on who allies with the Bishop at the beginning of the games
Aug 14 2012
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