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If there was a 5th job

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Buster1651 Level 215 Scania Night Lord
What do you think the level requirement for 5th job would be?
What kind of 5th job names can you think up for your class?
What kind of attacks do you expect from a 5th job skill? 1000%+ damage attacks? 1hko? 20 line attacks?
How would you be satisfied from 5th job?
Would you bother getting to 220+ if the job advancement was at that level?

Just curious questions
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Uonatrik Level 33 Scania Crossbow Man
I think it'd be probably 170~190, the highest I'd go for a 5th job would be level 210.
If along 5th job came along tons of endgame content, I would be satisfied with it and I think a lot of people would get the motivation to level past 5th job.
Oct 30 2014
ishylilboy Level 200 Scania Battle Mage 4
Leveling is the only thing remotely keeping more or so a good amount of players even interested, least for me that is. And if 5th job ever did roll around, that'd be sick
Oct 30 2014
Aiacu Level 203 Bera Dark Knight
If it was 220, then no, I wouldn't bother lvling.
Oct 30 2014
shanik Level 130 Scania Night Walker 4
30 +30=60

Seems like 150 to me.
Oct 30 2014
Zuzzy Level 201 Windia Marksman
Well, on a recent patch on KMS, they made it possible to max all 4th job skills by lv 140 something.

So I guess lv150-160 would be about right.
Oct 30 2014
kaxi Level 210 Renegades Zero Transcendent
If the job skills max at 140, then it's 140 since there is no reason to keep that extra 30 SP if you're going to have a job advancement anyways
Oct 30 2014
FrothyRed Level 160 Scania Xenon 4
Well since I play a Kaiser, a Xenon, and a Demon Avenger...

My 5th job titles would be Kaiser, Xenon, and Demon Avenger.
Oct 30 2014
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