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If you P/C these, you get a free COOKIE! :D

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LongCrayon Level 108 Windia Ranger
Okay, I just got back from my ban and I'm lost on prices now.
Zenith Wild Hunter

May I get prices for these items please?
  • *Wild Arrow Blast 20/30
Marksman Expert/Boost 20/30
Sharp Eyes 20/30
Maple Warrior 20/30
  • *

oh and I found this item and it seems cheap
Red Arzuna 0 slot 21 dex 6 str 0 slot not potentialed for 21m
Posted: March 2011 Permalink


Maple Warrior 20 - depends in your world, in my world its 50mil
Maple Warrior 30 - 1 bil
Mar 03 2011
I would say about... two in the bush[/quote]

You know that's almost a bird in the hand.
Mar 03 2011
I Want my cookie first
Mar 03 2011
i cant have cookies cuz i are diabetic =[
Mar 03 2011

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