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Inner ability preference?

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baddestq Level 212 Bera Blade Master
I got +1 AS on my inner ability. Does that have an effect on Wild hunters, or classes with a hurricane skill? If i should aim for something else, what should i aim for? (Reboot so probably meso obtain?)
Posted: March 2016 Permalink


simaini Level 211 Scania Bow Master SMTown Guild
Hurricane skills aren't affected by attack speed, only their startup i believe. i don't think WH will benefit much from +1AS since their main bossing and mobbing move is WAB anyway
Mar 23 2016
ohhighpenrod Level 208 Windia Wind Archer 4
@baddestq i would reroll it. as @simaini thought, attack speed speeds up the animation up to the first arrow, like if you used it and a single shot came out
Mar 24 2016

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