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Is Aran worth it?

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dontdieyet Level 30 Scania Mechanic 2
Hi guys
Ive opend an Aran lvl 146 for now and I wanted to know if he is worth it in the higher lvls?
if he can boss?
I can get him to about 100k range
or should i just open a more popular class and fund it to 100k like phantom or something
  • talking dmg wise since I think Aran just as fun as some other chars
Posted: May 2015 Permalink


R4z0r Level 221 Windia Dark Knight
If you talking dmg wise phantom isn't a good choice since hes a thief and thief gear is expensive.
ot: Aran is a great class when you hit lv 170 and getting the beyond blade, hes a good mobber, has great dmg output with low funds.
the down sides are that Aran is a key smashing class and the beyond blade take lot of time to cast and that prevent you from moving for some time(only matter when bossing).
May 18 2015
RadiantSnipe Level 210 Zenith Aran 4
tbh i dont really like the way Aran bosses right now, since to get your full damage output later on you need to stand still and chain FB + BB which makes you quite vulnerable in places like magnus while you're standing still and attacking, but i think damage output is still okay-ish. You have nothing to summon that will clear mobs far away from you so Gollux is really annoying to solo (the small summons have to be cleared manually). Low hp is kind of annoying for a warrior, but most bosses do % damage now so that doesnt make a difference, and drain compensates for it quite well. 100k is probably too low to do most bosses though...
May 18 2015
Smexdemon Level 213 Scania Aran 4
Yes, Aran is worth it buddy.
May 18 2015
Voidam Level 126 Scania Evan 9th Growth
Aran is always worth it.[/quote]

did you quit your DA
May 19 2015
Flamepc Level 210 Broa Zero Transcendent
Speaking as a warrior main and former Aran main, no. It was dreadful getting the final 10 levels of my Aran to get 200.
I believe I was average funded with 70% Faf weapon and clean faf set, chunks of acceptable % str here and there, and really nice eye, face, and ear accessories. My range was approximately 150k and I think I hit 2-3m per line on FB + BB. (I say I think because I haven't touched the class since 200, and that was a month or so ago).
With that same range, I could hit 1.5m-2.5m per line (without Blue Blood) on my Demon Slayer, around 700-1m per line on Dawn Warrior, and 2-3m per line on Zero. (I'm completely aware of ranges varying per class, but he said 100k. I'm basing it off that. Chill.)

As much as I've loved Aran since 2010, the class is severely lacking when in comparison of DPS, which hinders it greatly. I'd definitely think twice about funding him before any of the above stated.
Personally, I don't even consider it that fun of a class anymore either. It retained its antique appeal with CStep Tricks and FT Tricks, but they're too situational that you won't be able to make use of them. It's definitely less fun than Dawn Warrior because being planted on a single spot is never comfortable.

Short answer (again): No.
May 19 2015
SillyBats Level 211 Bera Phantom 4
Aran is a great class. Armed with flashy skills and high damage, it will definitely entertain you all the way to 200. However, the fun stops there, as you find yourself lacking in lines, crap mobility and low hp (For warriors). I'm currently sitting on just above 300k range, and I hit around 4.3 mil on mobs with my bb. With 100k range, I don't think that Arans are worth it. My suggestion would be a DK (CS can get you to around 200k) or a zero.

However, if you really like Aran's playstyle, nobody can stop you from playing him

I believe when I had around 100k range, I hit near 1mil with my swipe.
May 19 2015

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