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Is Reboot Worth It?

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aarbearr Level 166 Renegades Hayato 4
I've always played normal servers, starting way back in '05 with Scania, but then after a long break, coming back and remembering the massive lagfests, I started to build a bunch of characters in Renegades and now I only use them.

So my questions are these:
Is it worth playing in Reboot?
Are there a good amount of players?
Is it laggy?
Is it fun or a struggle?
Is the tradeless system a good swap?

Basically I wanna know the pros and cons of anyone who currently plays there.

(Posted Dec. 1, 2017)
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aarbearr Level 166 Renegades Hayato 4
@beefly Think maybe they're working towards a pre-big bang speed? hahaha

How is it so slow? Are they lowering EXP given?
Dec 01 2017
aarbearr Level 166 Renegades Hayato 4
@beefly: What. I read earlier that Reboot is meso-hungry. Is that the case?
Dec 01 2017
aarbearr Level 166 Renegades Hayato 4
@beefly: That's a sad sad thing to learn. I wonder if there's a reason or if they even realize it.
Dec 05 2017
gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
mmm, i still make the same amount of mesos in Reboot it did the last few months. I am much richer Reboot then i ever was in Bera.
Dec 05 2017

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