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It Has Begun

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monkey3842 Level 149 Bera Night Lord
Well now that the maintenance has started, what are you guys gonna do?
Edit: Also the site says it will last 5 hours till 4 am PST
What time do you you predict it will actually be up?
Posted: July 2013 Permalink


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Saif786 Level 138 Khaini Night Lord
Can't wait at 7am
Jul 03 2013
danwoman Level 30 Mardia Hunter
continue to not play ms. listen to music, build stuff in minecraft.
Jul 03 2013
MapleAddict206 Level 201 Khaini Phantom 4
Prepare for an extension
Jul 03 2013
DarkRaiin Level 207 Windia Bow Master
Most likely sleep like the majority
Jul 03 2013
meyersultan Level 188 Bellocan Corsair
its 2 AM and im hyperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Jul 03 2013
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