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Items from boxes do not expire

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Taken directly from the patch notes

Secret Box

April 3 to April 23

Most Maple World monsters Lv.13 or higher will have a chance to drop Secret Boxes.
You will be able to get boxes from most monsters that are at most 10 levels below or 20 levels higher than you.
There are three types of Secret Boxes: One type will drop from monsters Lv.13-50, another from monsters Lv.51-100, and another from monsters above Lv.51-100.
Double-click a box to open it and receive a random item.
The boxes can't be opened after April 23.

All boxes
restorative items
various special equipment (Lv.15-120)
Confusion Fragments
Philosopher's Stones
Primal Essences
Lv.10 Tree Branch Noses, with +4 to either STR, DEX, INT, or LUK
Synergizers for Mastery Books, Recipes, and Scrolls
Boxes from Lv.13-50 monsters
Various Lv.45 Beryl Maple equipment, with hidden Potential
Boxes from Lv.51-100 monsters
Various Lv.70 Crimson Maple equipment, with hidden Potential
Joyous 7th Dark Scrolls
Boxes from Lv.100+ monsters
Lv.100 Tempest equipment (epaulet, ring, pendant, belt), with hidden Potential
Refined Magnifying Glass
armor and accessory scrolls for STR, DEX, INT, LUK, Weapon ATT, or Magic ATT
Chaos Scrolls (60%, 80%)
Clean Slate Scroll 10%
Equip Enhancement Scrolls (regular, Advanced, 2 Star)
Golden Hammer 50%
Lucky Day Scroll
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And yet, you'll still have people telling you they will.
Apr 05 2013
Well, now reading comprehension has been achieved.
Apr 05 2013
are the weapon attack scrolls for accessory?
Apr 05 2013
ox0Shad0w0xo Level 206 Broa Night Walker 4 Abyssel Guild
Wait what? That wasn't in the patch notes before. I ctrl +f'd "secret" this morning and it only had that word two times, talking about getting jewel crafting stuff from secret boxes.

Edit: Anyway, now that it's up there, wtf they can give primal essence? Oh yeah maybe I can finally craft that Dominator pendant recipe that my accessory mule learned back when Arkarium first came out and I had no idea it would cost bils to get the materials... so mad that day lol.
Apr 05 2013

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