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Joining back but lost my accountserver??

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kawasaki Level 79 Scania Aran 3
It seems that Reboot and Bera are the most busy. I really miss Maple and want to get back into it. No other mmorpg makes me happy. I like to do PQs and talk, sometimes merch but never got too big that I needed a store. Any opinions on how to get back into maple?
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antisenpai Level 250 Broa Blade Master See what games, anime & art antisenpai is intoAntiSenpai
I haven't been on this game/site in foreverrrrrrr, but I can tell you that no one does PQs and people only talk to their group of friends, hell even in guilds if they don't know ya they won't talk to your ass.

Honestly if you miss Maple and just want a close community with peeps who will chat with ya and do PQs and whatnot, you should just do a PS, every time I've been on one it was dope but they get old too, especially if you've put a lot of time/money into an actual account. Also the PS do close down, either they've made that set amount they wanted and make a new server and repeat the process or the server just dies.
Feb 18 2018
kawasaki Level 79 Scania Aran 3
That sounds really sad. So rip
Feb 18 2018
kikomarine Level 101 Scania Chief Bandit
lol I havent been on forever either. Well cant rlly since I have a Mac and dont want to bootcamp because I feel like I will mess it up xD I'm an old maplestory player. I think the first gen? because I remember it was somewhat difficult to lvl up unless I did PQs with others. The slime pq till I get to lvl 30 to do Lumi pq xD But wow, condelenses to the lost of accountserver.
Feb 18 2018
ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
Nexon's removing the Free Market in like a week, so everything will be centered around the Auction House, which has limitations but doesn't require you to buy a shop.

I don't really know how to get back into ms, since I never really quit. I'd suggest finding a guild, though it certainly won't be the same as before. Nexon's worked very hard to make party play inefficient.
Feb 21 2018

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