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Jr necki in aqua road Screen

By Xrichz aqua roadglitchJr necki

Xrichz Level 158 Bera Night Lord
Jun 22 2011 Anomaly # 2: Jr necki in aqua road. This was also a while back ago, I was in aqua road and saw a JR NECKI!

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mathias385 Level 73 KradiaEMS Phantom 3
Jun 23 2011
Xrichz Level 158 Bera Night Lord
Where? I don't see it.[/quote]

its circled in red
Jun 23 2011
Zana5 Level 110 Broa Demon Slayer 3
maybe someone else summoned it?
Jun 23 2011
Necki was on vacation from Kerning~
Jun 24 2011

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