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Just hit 180 on my Zero , how many others? How do u like it?

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Aiacu Level 203 Bera Dark Knight
@Wanted187: Lvl 5 Link skill: 10% PDR and 15% damage reduction. Card gives bonus EXP, 10% for SS-card.
Dec 20 2013
Yathos Level 207 Windia Demon Avenger 4
Its a refreshing class. I enjoyed it. If you do the quests, its so easy to level. I wish there was VA for this class but I'd give it at least a 8/10
Dec 20 2013
ourheartzz Level 200 Windia Zero Transcendent
I moved the gears over from my lvl 200 ds who do about 600k per line demon impact.
As soon as my lvl 181 Zero puts it on.. I started doing 1.5M per line of Rolling cross and rolling assault..
Never again am I gonna play my DS... ever
Dec 22 2013
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