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Khaini's First Dorothy Kill Screen

By realsoulja

realsoulja Level 236 Khaini Night Walker 4 Hustle Guild
May 05 2015 Cleared Dorothy about a month ago and someone said I should have posted the screen here, so I decided to do that now.

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NinjaOfTennis Level 220 Bellocan Evan 10th Growth Revenance Guild See what games, anime & art NinjaOfTennis is intoNinjaOfTennis
Didn't know there was another NW doing Tower in GMS besides InkArt and I O: Late congrats on the kill [/quote]

I know of at least 2-3 who run with me occasionally in bello. None have cleared though.
May 07 2015
Puke Level 210 Khaini Phantom 4 Hustle Guild
Bro I'll race Puke right now leggo[/quote]

Puke would have rekt you.
May 07 2015
RealSoulja Level 236 Khaini Night Walker 4 Hustle Guild
@iElmo : Thank you !
@nitsua2789 : Yeah theres really not much else to do on Maple anymore and Oz was kind of fun, but yeah thanks
May 07 2015

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