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Kimi no Na wa Your Name Thoughts?

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paragon Level 214 Scania Phantom 4
this was easily one of the best animes/anime films i've ever watched. loved every bit of it, but it's kinda hard for me to put into words why i love it so much. what did you guys think? if you haven't seen it, definitely go give it a shot!

i was feeling pretty emotional after watching it and immediately tried to put all of that into a cover of its opening song/main theme. check it out here if you want!
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zoneflare4 Level 186 Windia Paladin
funimation has it? wow I was hoping on aniplex or ponycan to get it.
Sep 12 2016
arcinex Level 206 Windia Blade Master
+1 I think Kimi no Na Wa was a good movie. There were some parts in the movie that could have been better by adding in details, but if they were constrained on time duration of the movie I can understand.

Great piano cover. Try to show more feeling! After all, you were trying to convey the emotions you felt immediately after watching Kimi no Na Wa.
Sep 12 2016
paragon Level 214 Scania Phantom 4
i watched it on kissanime! it's not the hd version but the quality didn't bother me. @arcinex haha i tried of course, but the film's opening theme wasn't one of its emotional tracks
Sep 12 2016
I thought it was Shinkai's strongest work so far. Quick point form review:
1) I liked the soundtrack and music; probably 2nd favorite to Garden of Words
2) Intro is a piece of art by itself - loved the transitions and composition
3) Shinkai's visual direction is always pretty rad; animation has stepped up a notch as well, using less background stills.
4) I like how the movie SHOWS but doesn't tell, through character interaction and dialogue. Really wasn't a big fan of writing style from Garden of Words or 5cmps; they were too melodramatic and literally told every feeling they had to the audience.
5) Mix of light-heartedness and seriousness.
6) I enjoyed the story.
Sep 14 2016
epicnarwhal Level 230 Scania Kaiser 4 Mercuria Guild See what games, anime & art epicnarwhal is intoEpicNarwhal
+1 I actually was fortunate enough to have watched the world premier (yes, even before Japan) at Anime Expo 2016 this past summer in Los Angeles (hi @caeg , and s/o to @sainkookie for telling me about the showing). Makoto Shinkai had just finalized the movie less than a week of the premier and he actually flew over to LA to watch it as well.

I have to say that the soundtrack was my most favorite component of the film. At times it was uplifting and hopeful, but at some moments it was sorrowful; however, overall the music had a tinge of nostalgia to it (which is known to be prevalent in Anime and Video game music).

Shinkai held a comments, questions, and answers session immediately after the end of the film. Someone in the crowd commented on the soundtrack and he told us that he spent more than a year to a year and a half trying to perfect the soundtrack. He said that if there is one thing about an anime film he wants to be remembered by, it would be the soundtrack.

As far as the art, it was without a doubt very detailed and beautiful overall. I was so tempted to take a few pictures on my phone, but the room was heavily staffed with volunteers and security guards.

With the breathtakingly beautiful soundtrack paired and the exquisite artwork alongside an emotional storyline, I definitely recommend watching this film.
Sep 23 2016
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