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Xiscis Level 120 Zenith Phantom 4
I feel like Maplestory is breaking apart; not slowly but quickly.
I remember 3 years ago, there was dozens of people in Balrog cave spamming to join Pqs, in kerning city there would be bunch of people hanging out trading and having general fun. No Kerning City and all of those other Pq places are Ghost towns.
There is over a thousand maps in Maplestory and the general population stays in about 30 of them. When you go to Kerning City all you feel is the Nostalgia of the past, and not the present day chatter they had.
Really sad and boring seeing no one is the maps that was once packed like a shopping mall.
Back then being rich and funded was something to be very proud of, now being funded means a walk in the park.
Nexon has money, but not a strong mind to think of ways to attract more players back.
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Dunnoenab Level 141 Bera Mercedes 4
ah yes, the daily nostalgia thread
Aug 18 2014
betaboi101 Level 56 Broa Assassin Hanyu Guild
The games winding down until maplestory 2. Though Ms 2 will be separate, I wouldn't be surprised if a bit after its release, Maplestory as we know it is closed down (Nexon has a history of changing its mind: Zero = one time class. Luminous = last hero. Jett = Gms exclusive. ect..
Aug 18 2014
VietUA Level 210 Scania Beast Tamer Cat See what games, anime & art VietUA is intoVietUA
Referring back to Darwin's theory of Evolution, the world is revolving and everything is changing with it. Get with the times, kid.
Aug 18 2014
sparkshooter Level 183 Scania Bow Master See what games, anime & art sparkshooter is intosparkshooter
People are always looking back at the past. The past always represents something nostalgic, even if it wasn't nearly how they remember.
Get over yourselves.
Aug 18 2014
minticecream12 Level 203 Khaini Blade Master
i crie evrytiem
Aug 18 2014
Lecarde Level 161 Windia Beginner Herbs Guild
Everyone bashes nostalgia threads. But a lot of them bring up a good point. The maps weren't empty years ago. I'm not saying that Maplestory is dying or anything. But now with people focused only on leveling super fast they choose to stay in a very small number of maps. Then these same people are the ones who complain about being bored in Maplestory. That needs to stop. Nexon made a loooot of maps for you guys to play in, and you willingly choose to stay in the same maps all the time. You have no right to complain about being bored if you choose to stay in those maps all the time. None. So stop doing it, it makes you look like a spoiled brat.
Aug 18 2014
Aug 18 2014
dmcasian Level 151 Windia Dark Knight
J> PQ MUST HAVE A/C AND TRACK@@@@@@@@@[/quote]

I remember my party leader telling us to hide away from the Kerning Sewers so people don't try to get our tracks
Aug 18 2014
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