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Kishin doesn039t increase spawn

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cautiouskine Level 206 Reboot Paladin
Did they nerf Kishin in the last patch or is mine just broken? If anything the monsters spawn at a slower rate...
Posted: July 2016 Permalink


ernie824 Level 217 Renegades Thunder Breaker 4
I think they nerfed kinshin like that one post that in JMS the kinshin was removed so this is pretty much removed or could it be a glitch time will tell
Jul 21 2016
skylar Level 183 Scania Beast Tamer Bear
Without increasing the spawn, what does Kishin do? Besides hit a few of the mobs on the platform between the two posted ghosts.
Jul 21 2016
peachtime Level 215 Bera White Knight
@skylar: It's a summon, which is great for bosses like Gollux or just clearing the map. The fact that it breaks the spawnrate is absolutely insane on its own.
Jul 21 2016
laurico Level 78 Bera Battle Mage 3
@skylar: Only increasing the maximum amount of mobs that can spawn at the same time on the map while kishin is active, like it originally did until RED patch.
Jul 21 2016
ernie824 Level 217 Renegades Thunder Breaker 4
@sammi: Ok cause I asked someone from my alliance that it might be a glitched on kishin atm again time will tell if nexon will have a maintenance schedule coming up we have to see
Jul 22 2016

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