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Kms 1.2.202 beast bowmaster at empress Video

By Reflexes

Reflexes Level 120 Galicia Thunder Breaker 3
Nov 24 2013 Near unfinished video soloing Empress, but that control...that's how you should do it folks!
Video providers: bluebomber2425, original uploader from

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chudi Level 192 Galicia Battle Mage 4
+1 Fix your title
Nov 25 2013
SombraManx Level 204 Zenith Dark Knight
Wow, an unfunded Zero
Nov 25 2013
Rianael Level 102 Arcania Shade 4
Wow, an unfunded Zero [/quote]

Unfunded O_O? Hes hitting 10 millions.
Nov 25 2013
XMatXZerkX Level 215 Bera Shade 4 EvoLovE Guild
+1 Not looking forward to training this class for the link skill. gonna give me motion sickness like hayato.
Nov 26 2013
HastyHeist Level 157 Galicia Blade Master
srsly Mr.B

now we can confirm that he doesn't "confirm"
Nov 26 2013
ghettobuddha96 Level 60 Windia Marauder
It would be epic if zero's skills were not covering everything on the map...
Nov 26 2013

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