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Noodlebrain Level 203 Nova Cannoneer 4
[url=]Rankings as of 1/7/2014[/url]

The levels man, especially considering that KMS doesn't have cash shop 2x EXP coupons...
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Noodlebrain Level 203 Nova Cannoneer 4
All the top are xenon...just saying[/quote]
#1: Xenon
#2: Night Lord
#3: Aran
#4: Xenon
#5 + 6: Demon Slayer
#7: Phantom
#8: Xenon
#9: Bishop
#10: Night Lord

I think not.
Jan 08 2014
knowlt Level 210 Broa Shadower Emcy Guild
12. Ji - Hoon's Property
15. The stars and birds
17. Confucius says nomination
19. Closed bag

these names lmao
Jan 08 2014
muffinsx Level 138 Bera Aran 4
yeah bera! we numbah 1!
Jan 08 2014
janny1993 Level 225 Scania Blade Master
our #1 is Lumi and their top Lumi is #29 [/quote]

Their Lumi can't spam reflection 24/7 like ours.

KMS concentrate on difficult & unique playstyle.

GMS concentrate on easy & user-friendly (dummy) playstyle.
Jan 08 2014
Korean maplers dont seem to know how to make good looking characters
Jan 08 2014
Snowed Level 223 Windia Xenon 4 See what games, anime & art Snowed is intoLily
It's the goddess of the water! Hi!
OT: Um, what is this thread about?[/quote]

Hello there child of Earth! Thyself sees someone has slapped thee in the face, what did thee do to deserve such a brutal discipline?

ED;IT Psssst, this tread was to let the array of spotlights shine vigorously onto KMS's top level, which is a lv247.
Jan 08 2014
Snowed Level 223 Windia Xenon 4 See what games, anime & art Snowed is intoLily

Oh but a mere spectator in the shrouded audience like thyself couldn't possibly be any match for against an almighty lv247, although if this thread was about anthropomorphic pixels, perhaps I would fit in, after all the spotlight is... a Hawkeye in a chicken suit.

I see, so the likes of the females on Earth are most fearsome in slap to slap combat.
Jan 09 2014
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