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Kms hyper skill login screen Screen

By nickyu

nickyu Level 170 Scania Phantom 4
Sep 15 2012 The new KMS hyper skill login screen

the colours are amazing

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MapleFlow Level 200 Chaos Phantom 4
Looks Nice
Sep 15 2012
MyNamesBrad Level 182 Bera F/P Arch Mage
+28 The poor red snail :'(
Sep 15 2012
thesolemnone Level 205 Broa Bow Master
+2 This is KMST.
Sep 15 2012
SacredSealed Level 191 Bera Shadower
+7 I am forever scarred.
Went to rule34, as a guy suggested, and eyes blew out.
Sep 15 2012
Where's the rest of the worlds?[/quote]

This is not KMS, its Tespia, the dude who uploaded this made a mistake by writing KMS instead of KMST
Sep 15 2012
Anthoy84 Level 196 Broa Zero Transcendent
Where's the rest of the worlds?[/quote]

It's the KMSt/Tespia/the test server.
Sep 15 2012
xyhro Level 200 Broa Bishop
+1 I wish Mercedes would be featured in the world selection like that more often.
Sep 15 2012

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