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Knuckle p/c

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cptjimmals Level 200 Scania Kaiser 4

Fafnir Perry Talon (+10)
Str: +114(40+74)
Dex: +80(40+40)
MaxHP: +255(0+255)
MaxMP: +255(0+255)
Weapon Attack: +287(128+159)
Accuracy: +141(120+21)

Damage to Bosses: +40%
Ignores 30% of the enemy's DEF when attacking.
ATT: +9%

Flashy Magnus

- I don't know how to insert links. Basil won't let me post puushes
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ilikemeows Level 210 Chaos Thunder Breaker 4
That pot on the knuckle has me drooling....maybe 6/7b?
Oct 02 2015

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