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Legendary Hunter Screen

By andre3k

andre3k Level 220 Mardia Cannoneer 4
Aug 05 2014 For the first time in my Maple Story, I got the Legendary Hunter medal. Hurray!

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AegeTP Level 200 Scania Zero Transcendent
what stats does the medal give
Aug 06 2014
copox123 Level 217 Broa Bishop
Do you have to be 1st to get the medal?
Aug 06 2014
janny1993 Level 225 Scania Blade Master
Do you have to be 1st to get the medal?[/quote]

yes, so it's best to get it AS SOON AS NEW MONTHS begin. so you can get the medal. And when someone else with higher kill count registered, he will be number 1 and he will get the medal while you lose yours.

But the point of getting the medal is to get it recorded in your medal list right? So who cares, or you can medal anvil it before it is gone.
Aug 07 2014

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