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cookiemonster8 Level 170 Broa Wind Archer 4
Let's face it. This game brought many memories to all of us, however due to the growth of this game it went downhill and is still going downhill. Its been a long, fun and amazing journey playing this game, however I know Nexon is trying their best to make it better.If you guys could give tips to Nexon on how to revive this game what would your suggestions be? Mine would be to merge all the servers into one and have the reboot server a side of the main one. I would love to see this game back in action as it was before. Now I can literally walk into Ch1 Fm 2 and find a free spot.
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pinyin Level 107 Zenith Beginner
Last night I was watching gms people with 50m+ range showing their gear and all i could think of was i could buy a car or two with those investments then next suggested vid was kms people dropping tons of meso/nx to upgrade to lv200 gear... dammmm
Jun 26 2017
beefly Level 60 Bellocan Beginner Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art beefly is intoBeefly
"Now I can literally walk into Ch1 Fm 2 and find a free spot."
It's like there's a new place where you can set up shop for free instead of paying ~1.8k NX. Oh wait that's called the Auction House, and only people with items worth over 10 billion would prefer selling at the FM.

"merge all the servers into one"
You should check out Scania before you say that.

Keep Scania, Windia, and Reboot out of it. Merge Bera and Khroa together. The rest should combine to 1.
Jun 26 2017
galbatore Level 185 DemethosEMS Buccaneer CandyLovers Guild
I'd be happy if I just got my account back, to be honest! I mean, it was my fault. When they made us do the EMS -> GMS transfer, I immediately forgot (or maybe I typo'd) what email it was supposed to be. And that was pretty much that.

I do miss Maple and I miss my DemethosEMS buddies as well. I'd heard the two European worlds had been merged which was pretty rubbish news, DemethosEMS was fiercely independent; we were Maple's smallest world in the, er, world, we helped each other out. It wouldn't be the same with us as just a bit of jetsam in the Kradian stream. Still though I'd take anything at this point. But I do think it indicates that quality of community's a lot more important than the raw numbers playing, although if the population drops below a certain level then obviously that threatens the game's sustainability period via them pulling the plug.

Sorry for the lack of good suggestions from me but it has been a year since I've been able to play.


By the way, LaTale's shutting down - sort of - in a day's time as well. It's moving publishers, but in something of a pleb move the new publisher's not keeping anyone's characters. They want to overhaul the cash shop model which I do understand, as LaTale's was always so generous to free players that it was surprising anyone bought anything. However, starting from square one for everyone is quite painful... it's also going to mean that the fancy new endgame content they released isn't even going to be played by any Westerners for a good few months. See, just like Maple, normally you'd skip over item tiers and just get carried (since most top-end equips were soulbound in LT, FM wasn't an option) to the very best gears once you were near the level. Buuuuut if there's no-one around to carry you through Ymir, that means everyone has to work their way up, because just like Maple was when the new bosses first came out, you needed good gears from the previous top tier to take them!

I guess there'll be a big tussle to claim a spot in the game's elite again, but hoo boy I could not be arsed with that. Just an unfortunate few months for the 2D action platformer MMO period, maybe the genre's finally starting to stutter. I really hope that the genre doesn't just wither away tbh.
Jun 26 2017
srurtuphr Level 218 Scania I/L Arch Mage See what games, anime & art srurtuphr is intoSrurtuphr
@twopointonefour: Plenty full? maybe compared to the other servers. A few years ago I was happy if I found a door spot at channel 11 or so, now it's free everywhere except ch1- and even there not all FMs are full. And before anyone says auction house again, you know well it has nothing to do with it. This was before AH.
I could give other examples, but honestly that's the best one.
Jun 26 2017
gakinotsukai Level 227 Bera Bishop
+1 Join a large guild if you're not in one already, I hear it helps. Trying to communicate with people in this game is impossible unless the person you are talking to are 100% unfunded and have no clue how to manage their time in game.

The game is what it is. Trying to revert anything back isn't going to bring people back, it's going to eliminate what's left and leave you with nothing.

5k range used to be funded back in pre-bb. Eventually it became 10k then 100k. Then 2-2m. Now we're at where we are now.

I did literally nothing on my character when I thought 10k was good and I come back to 100k. Now I can effortlessly reach 100k with clean equipment, something that I would never have imagined back in the day.

Nothing changed other than some nostalgic factor. People just realized how grindy this game is and quit or just afk in towns.

IF anything, make PQ exp/rewards actually worth the time. That's what everyone misses. kpq, lpq, lmpq, cpq (spiegelman's monster carnival), rnj grind, dipq. No one did those because it helped "keep a community together" (I can recall at least 75% of the time, someone was afk and I would have to do stages solo), people did it "together" because the exp was the fastest at the time. Now that the exp is nerfed on almost everything, what's the point in going there when leeching off of some funded guy is much faster?

Merging worlds together is a terrible idea for a company that can't even keep stable servers for 2x events. Making all the channels full will make day to day play feel like a 50-50 gamble of whether you dc or have that effect where you hit an enemy and they walk forward a bit and then in place then finally die, Your pots also take forever to actually get used while you continually take touch damage. The clientside damage taken will stack while your single pot use (serverside) is still in queue. When the server finally responds, you're dead because that single pot use heal was less than the 4 times you touched a boss.
Jun 27 2017
rachelll Level 235 Windia Bow MasterSheriff
They should probably look into releasing some of the permanent bans. It makes no sense for someone that was banned for hacking magnus when it was first released to be still banned today. Same for some of the exploits/hacks along the way in which the gains are obsolete/meaningless. It's pretty obvious that permanent bans are way too harsh given how unreliable the investigation team can be--a 1 year ban or so is sufficient.
Jun 27 2017
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