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Lilmissmichelly Screen

By xNightAngelx13

xNightAngelx13 Level 176 Bera Mercedes 4
Nov 16 2010 So i made a drawing request video long time ago..
i've received MANY requests so i've picked only a certain amount or people
and this is the 1st one i drew :0 it's an old picture and i'm still draw the requests ><
the part of this drawing, is the hair i like how i colored it
the rest is a "mehh" and i'm not exactly sure what she's supposed to be doing o_<
and i've noticed i haven't submitted anything for weeks or monthes

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chewy222 Level 57 Scania Assassin
may i request~

-shiny eyes-
Nov 16 2010
OMGx3POTATO Level 155 Galicia Hero
-fangirl scream-
Nov 16 2010
aw @ her belly button.
Nov 16 2010
Cryptically Level 202 Windia Shadower
rofl at x belly button~ xD[/quote]

Lol same! As soon as I saw that, I said "Aww" and laughed. ;x
Nov 16 2010

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