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List of all naturally stanced characters

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natty2 Level 225 Broa Bishop Nimbus Guild See what games, anime & art natty2 is intonatty2
I know there's Mihile's link skill, But I'd like to have a list of all classes with - (even partial) stance ability, either by buff, or by passive.
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eskmoo Level 126 Windia I/L Arch Mage
WH, Mech, Demon Avenger.
The ones I know.
Mar 22 2015
singsangsong Level 210 Windia Cannoneer 4
I'll keep the list going because I don't know the whole list either: DS, Cannoneer, Bucc, BaM
Mar 22 2015
XcoldshadowX Level 22 Windia
Kanna has partial, the arch mages and bishops have partial, mercedes and BaM have full (and now it's someone else's turn).
Mar 22 2015
Aran, Shadower(between nate's first and second stage)
Mar 22 2015
nickyownzu1 Level 197 Mardia Blade Master
Dual Blade
Mar 22 2015
PorkerPig Level 201 Windia Battle Mage 4
wow one person said BaM
Mar 22 2015
Exploder Level 126 Bellocan Mercedes 4

Mar 22 2015
iFrankee Level 203 Khaini Blade Master
I believe all adventurer warriors, no?
Mar 22 2015
FreeIcecream Level 211 KradiaEMS Dawn Warrior 4
All explorer warriors get 100% stance passive.
The explorer mages get 50% stance from Infinity.
The explorer archers do not have any natural stance.
Buccaneer gets 90% stance from Super Charge.
Corsair gets 60% stance from Pirate Style and has 100% stance in Battleship Bomber.
Cannoneer gets 80% stance from Pirate's Spirit.
Night Lord does not have any natural stance.
Shadower has 100% stance for ~30 seconds after using the first hit of Assassinate without using the second.
Dual Blade gets 90% stance from Thorns.
All resistance classes, including the demon classes, have 100% stance. (except maybe for Wild Hunter while not riding jaguar.)
Xenon has 40% stance from Multilateral, 90% with Offensive Matrix.
Mihile gets 95% stance, 100% from his link skill.
Dawn Warrior gets 100% stance.
Thunder Breaker has 100% stance when chaining skills.
Wind Breaker has no natural stance.
Flame Wizard has no natural stance.
Night Walker has no natural stance.
Kaiser has 80% stance after charging his Morph Gauge, 100% stance in Final Form
Angelic Buster gets 40% stance with Iron Blossom, 80% if also using Power Transfer Shield.
Hayato has 100% stance when using his Sanrenzan skills.
Kanna has 80% stance from Breath Of The Unseen.
Aran has 90% stance from Freeze Standing.
Evan has 90% stance from Onyx Will.
Mercedes has no natural stance.
Phantom has no natural stance.
Luminous has 100% stance while in equilibrium.
Shade has 100% natural stance.
Mar 22 2015
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